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Hudson Realty & Property Management

Hudson Realty is a boutique real estate office on beautiful, historic State Street. With integrity and passion, our team will get you results!


Jan Hudson has built her team at Hudson Realty based on her philosophy that integrity and passion in business will always get you results!

The Hudson Realty team is a group of dedicated professionals who aim to serve their clients with efficiency, knowledge, and a genuine desire to help them achieve their real estate goals.


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  • Hudson Realty & Property Management
  • 127 East State Street
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Hank Ortiz said on Aug 21, 2018

I was born and raised in Redlands as were both of my parents, and although I don’t live in Redlands any longer, I always knew that someday I would like to buy a rental property there ... Because of my historical and ongoing ties with Redlands, I was quite selective when choosing a realtor ... Jan’s online profile stood out not just because of her high ratings, but because she is not just a realtor, but a local business person who is very active within the Redlands culture and community ... The things that we liked best about Jan: She’s very sincere and takes a real interest in your situation, she is a business person, she knows the “process”, and she knows Redlands. Jan was patient and flexible with our schedules, always made time to show us the properties that we were interested in, and we valued her sincerity and perspective on things every step of the way. When it finally came down to purchasing the home we liked, Jan was more than patient and understanding during some financing challenges that we encountered, but eventually overcame ... I should also point out that despite Jan’s busy schedule with local business organizations and even city planning, her bright office staff kept everything on track. It was nice to know that Jan had a team behind her. If your heart is in Redlands and if you’re looking for a realtor who can really understand that...and together with that understanding brings responsiveness, sincerity and process efficiency, then Jan Hudson and her team are for you!

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