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Specialty beer, wine, and liquor store with a wide variety of known brands and craft products. We provide a local area delivery service for all products within our store. We also do kegs, parties and special events. Order online at or come check out our massive beer cave!


CRAFT'D is a revolution in the beverage industry. A beer, wine, and liquor store dedicated to providing our community with the best possible shopping experience. We keep all our beer cold, our liquor abundant, and our wine ready for consumption.

Our prices include tax and crv, no math no pennies! All of our products are available both in store, and online for on-demand delivery. Yes, your drinks brought to you when you want them. We are also able to do kegs, parties, and special events. We hope to promote public safety by doing the driving, while you do the drinking.


Meet the Owners

  • Andrew Valencia: President and Co-Owner/Founder of CRAFT’D.
  • Will Merrill: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and CO-Owner/Founder of CRAFT’D.

Delivery & Party

Deliveries: All deliveries are made after purchase.

CRAFT’D is based in Redlands, CA and delivers primarily to the city. Below are the zip codes that we service: 92374; 92373 (Between San Timoteo Canyon and the 10 Fwy); 92354 Loma Linda; 92346 Highland; 92359 Mentone (West of Bryant St). Our Delivery Radius is always expanding, so if we aren’t getting you right now, check back soon.

Large Parties/Events: There’s always an exception to the rule.

We will extend our delivery service to any area in Southern California for large parties and special events.



  • Mon-Fri: 11am-12am
  • Sat-Sun: 9am-12am
  • Holiday Hours: July 4th. Open-4pm; Thanksgiving. 11am-4pm; Christmas Eve. Open-7:30pm; Christmas Day. Closed; New Years Eve. Open-7:30pm


Get Directions
  • 1414 Industrial Park Ave
  • Redlands, CA 92374


4 Reviews

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Jeremyha Lyle said on Dec 17, 2018

Amazing selection and service. No more cruising the beer isle. They have my business for sure.


Carla Gonzalez said on Jun 17, 2018

Love their beer selection. Specially when I found my favorite October fest there last week..


Jåson Croom said on Jun 14, 2018

Love this place. I am due to stop by and say hi to everyone.


Chaz Vasquez said on Mar 15, 2018

Love this place. Good selection of beer. Plus the beer is cold. Very friendly and the owner knew his beer. Time to try this Budweiser 1933 Prohibition Beer. I will definitely come here again and also recommend to friends. Thank Craft'd

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