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H.O.P.E.: Helping Others Purposely Evolve Guided Imagery and Music Therapy Studio

Therapeutic Arts Wellness Studio offering Music Therapy, Therapeutic Art, Movement and holistic healing arts.

HOPE Studio, Heling Others Purposely Evolve, is a place for wellness and healing using the power of music and art. Owned and operated by Board Certified Music Therapist and Drug and Alcohol Counselor AmyLynn Dimaano, HOPE offers individual music psychotherapy (using a process called GIM/The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music exclusively utilizing classical music) to support anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, or trauma. HOPE also offers empowering events of all kinds. Therapeutic Drum circles, Sound Baths, Personal Growth workshops using cutting edge holistic tools such as essential oils, sand tray, mandala drawing, improvisation and more.

Recurring opportunities include a donation based community Grief and Loss Recovery Group and Meditation and Imagery Support Group to manage anxiety and stress of day to day ‘life in session.’ AmyLynn also hand makes “Art that Brings Hope,” available for purchase, tools for increasing and maintaining positivity and maintaining a healthy, spiritually fit condition. HOPE is on the horizon with plans to expand soon adding more types of wellness and art opportunities that will increase healing in the community and up lift local spirits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ideas that fit in with this mission.