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You only get one shot at retirement, let Advocates for Retirement help.

Retirement Planning is Our Specialty. Get a second opinion or see how we illustrate to our client's options too; Never again lose money to a stock market downturn. Stopping taxes from eating up retirement money. And creating retirement cash flow you can’t outlive. By creating a side by side comparison, where your current path is leading to versus our solution. The 5 biggest mistakes people make.



Powerful Solutions to Create More Peace Of Mind For Your Future

Advocates for Retirement was founded in 2002 with a single mission: to be the most professional, creative and helpful retirement planning solution in the Inland Empire. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop custom-made strategies. Though we’ve grown since our establishment, we’re still the same agency at heart. Let us help you make your dreams a reality.

What we do

Are you ready to set your future self on the path to success? Give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

Illustrate to our clients options to; Never again lose money to a stock market downturn. Stopping taxes from eating up retirement money. And creating retirement cash flow you can’t outlive. By creating a side by side comparison, where your current path is leading too versus our solutions.

Retirement Solutions: Individual/Business

Many Options Available

Most advisors look at retirement planning one dimensionally. Here at Advocates for Retirement we don’t! We will give a realistic map of your current retirement strategy plus offer suggestions for improvement to your net outcome. It is not uncommon for us to find ways to increase your retirement income and/or help you retire sooner.

We would be happy to do a complimentary review of your Estate Plan.

Estate Preservation

We can answer your questions, for example what’s the consequences of using an ILIT “Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust?” Find out why most advisors recommend this option and why an ILIT may not be the best solution for you or your family.

Business Succession Planning

Start planning early if you intend to retire or exit from your business as the process could take up to five years. A business succession plan can help you make important decisions about ownership, maximizing your company's value and tax strategies. A good succession plan will help the transfer of your business go smoothly, and allow you to maintain good relationships with employees and business partners.

1031 Exchange: Real Estate Exit Strategies

Step-Up in Basis or Have Control now while your still alive

Most advisors will recommend to use the Step Up in Basis Strategy. We can help you determine which is the most efficient strategy to use, to mitigate the Capital Gains Tax and Estate Tax.

Charitable Planning

Looking to mitigate your tax liability and help your favorite charity or charities, then why not call the shots? We would be happy to help find the right solution for your situation.

IRA Required Minimum Distribution Solutions

Instead of letting the IRS dictated when to and how much to withdraw from your IRA’s, let us offer some solutions to take back control of your money.


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2 Reviews


Randy Houston said on Sep 22, 2017

Jeran is an awesome guy and a loving family man. He is a devout Catholic Christian with a real concern for others. His financial experience, attention to detail, and caring for the customers needs first makes him the absolute best choice for your financial planning and retirement.


Eric Avalos said on Jul 5, 2017

Great company that looks out for the best needs for your and your family. Jeran does a fantastic job breaking down the numbers and get you on the right track. Highly recommend the company to any family and friends that need assistance.

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