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Vasa the Studio

Yoga studio offering all levels and varying styles of yoga and Barre classes. New Student Special 30 days for only $30!

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Yoga studio offering all levels and varying styles of yoga. Check out our community and family classes.

"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing."

"As a kid, I convinced myself I would discover the cure for cancer. I was one-year into my Microbiology Degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo when I realized I hated labs. My medical path ended, leading me to rack up three college majors, a MBA, and hold three corporate jobs. Then I had a wake-up call in July of 2011 -- my mother became very sick. That experience quickly returned me to my initial goal in life— to do something that helps people mentally and physically. Yoga Teacher Training was more challenging for me than any degree thus far as it opened my eyes to who I really wanted to be. Climbing the corporate ladder would have never landed me here. So, I opened Vasa the Studio in November of 2014 as a way to combine my love for teaching yoga and my background in business... I’ve never looked back, and I’ve never been happier." Lisa Vest, owner, Vasa the Studio