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Scalp Micropigmintation Studio. Scalp pigmentation is a technique used to create the illusion of a freshly shaven full head of hair for men and women who are balding or thinning. A pigmentation machine is used to create the appearance of hair follicles and add the appearance of density for thinning hair. Scalp microneedeling is another service offered to stimulate hair growth and used to soften scars from hair transplant surgeries. Call for more information and to schedule your consultation today.

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Are you suffering from baldness and thinning hair or have receding hair line? Scalp pigmentation can help! Scalp Micropigmentation is a modified form of tattooing that gives you the look of a freshly shaven head of hair. It can return your hairline back to what it used to be! Results last 5-10 years. Call now for a free consultation # 909-488-6267