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Redlands Estate Sale Consignments

Estate Sales, Consignments, Buying, Antiques, Furniture, Mid Century Modern, Victorian, China, Sterling Silver, Jewelry, Art, Crystal, Rugs, Pottery, Collectibles plus sooo much more!


Welcome to Redlands Estate Sale Consignments!

Voted #1 Antique and Consignment store in the Inland Empire!

A full scale consignment store to help you with all of your estate liquidation and decorating needs. We consign from one item to an entire estate. Whether you are moving or liquidating the estate of a loved one, Redlands Estate Sale offers what no other antique or liquidation store can. We offer:

  1. We carry only quality consignments from the finest antiques to hot fads like Mid Century Modern. We definitely carry name brand traditional and contemporary furnishings like Henredon, Widdicomb, Kargas, Baker, Thomasville, Ethan Allen, etc. There is a wide selection of fine china and crystal from Royal Crown Derby to Baccarat and Waterford, Fine Art, Figurines, Clocks and Silverplate. There is also a wide selection of Vintage Costume Jewelry and Sterling Jewelry beautifully displayed in our Vintage Jewelry Cases.

  2. Onsite Estate Services - Handling complete estate liquidations onsite. We specialize in doing only quality and the unusual type estates full of treasures and antiques. Ask about our free evaluation and how we can merchandise and sell your families heirlooms for the best market rate today.

  3. Ebay Services - We added this extra service for our clients so you can receive the best possible price on your treasures. Definitely an asset to today’s computer age. For our special and unique items, we offer to sell to an international market bringing top dollar. Chinese, Sterling, listed artwork, Pottery, toys, advertising and the sale of celebrities treasures like our long time client and friend Red Skelton have proven successful selling on Ebay. There really is no other market that reaches thousands of people like Ebay. Our clients love to watch and shop the items we sell weekly on Ebay!

We pride ourselves on customer service and offer a courteous and friendly staff to help you with your shopping needs. My background has been in the retail and antique industry for over 30 years. I have managed for such retail companies as I. Magnin and Bullocks Wilshire and other very successful Consignment Stores in the Palm Springs, California area. My passion for antiques and the home furnishings industry finally led me to open my store in the Inland Empire to offer my services and knowledge to help people in Southern California with their estate liquidation needs.

Last of all, to keep our merchandise moving, we have a discount on all merchandise over 30 days old that is not on sale. Just ask and we will do the best we can. Though clients say our store is beautiful, it is not a museum and we want our treasures to sell.

Watch us on Facebook for updates to new arrivals and what we have on Ebay. We also post our onsite estate sales there too. With all that said, please stop by our store and check us out. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

David Hazekamp

"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing."

David Hazekamp, owner of Redlands Estate Sale Consignments, was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan and from a family of five brothers & sisters. "My brother James Hazekamp and Grandma were very much a part of who I am today. My passion for old things to my Grandma and my brother for being my mentor. James was a successful Interior Designer in the Palm Springs area for many years. It was a major loss for me when he passed away.

My passion for antiques started at a young age. As soon as I could drive I was out hitting all the Estate & Garage Sales. By the time I was 18 I had furnished my parents basement and had refinished and sold 100's of pieces of furniture and treasures. I was always planning a sale at my parents house. Of course, lots of books and educating myself all along. The economy in Michigan at that time was very depressed. I chose to leave the state and move to California where my Mother said, "Well, if you can make it in California you can make it anywhere!"

David has lived in California for 31 years. "I worked for some small companies in the LA area until I moved to the Palm Springs area and managed for I Magnins and Bullocks Wilshire training in management and customer service. I was happy to have been part of an era that was based on excellent customer service and retail skills that are hard to find in today's industry. When people learn that I worked for them they always have a story to tell of those days. I remember when....."

"I moved to Redlands over 18 years ago to specifically buy a1887 Victorian home...a lifetime dream of mine that we have been restoring ever since. Redlands has all the things I love in what once was a small town feel with great roots and history and, of course, GREAT Victorian homes. Centrally located you just can't beat Redlands for what I was looking for. My partner Mitch and I just celebrated our 27th Anniversary and we still spend time in Palm Springs and enjoy the cities growth and restaurants for a day get-a-way. We also love spending time with our dogs Dixie & Rebel and the Cat Victoria--all are rescue animals."

"Hard to believe that we celebrated Redlands Estate Sale Consignments 10 year Anniversary this month. It has been quite the journey, definitely not an easy one. Opening with 2500 sq ft with our first building on Orange to our present location with 25000 sq ft. Mainly due to a loyal clientele base that continues to support us to this day. My thanks to all of them!"


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  • Tuesday thru Friday 12 to 4
  • Saturday 10:30 to 5


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  • Redlands Estate Sale Consignments
  • 525 New Jersey St. Suite D
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Steven Alpert said on Jan 23, 2019

If your an antique collector, Redlands Estate Sales is a must see. I have been a regular customer and friend of David’s for the past 12 years and have enjoyed shopping at David’s many locations, especially his current gallery on New Jersey St in Redlands. So if your near the beautiful and historical City of Redlands, California, make sure you include a visit to Redlands Estate Sale and Consignment!


Laura Pennington said on Jan 23, 2019

This store is a true antique store,very inspirational .the owner is very nice. It’s a must see!


Lola said on Jan 21, 2019

Absoulty love this place lots of great antiques . The owner David is very friendly.


Patrick said on Jul 10, 2018

The last time I was in they were stuffed to the ceiling with well priced, high quality estate furniture. I left with two really great pieces. Both were on sale from the original price. The owner helped me load the car. I was very pleased and will be back again soon.


Lothian Skelton said on May 13, 2018

David has been a trusted and highly valued friend and collectables advisor for well over 20 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with. Of all of the consignment stores I prefer Redlands consignments. I personally have never had a misunderstanding regarding the fair market value of whatever I brought from the Skelton collection. I am a 100% satisfied customer.


Sharon said on May 12, 2018

As a designer, I live shopping here.. always looking for unique antique items... my favorite place to go!


Daniel Cocco said on May 10, 2018

This is a wonderful store choc full of furniture and treasures! Our recent visits out always finds us something and if not for us then a referral to a friend who was searching and now found what they were looking for too! David is a great proprietor and a wealth of info on anitiques/collectibles!!


Marilyn Parsons said on May 10, 2018

I have been buying and selling with David for soo many years. David is a blast, totally knowledgeable and has the sense of urgency that so many people lack in today's business world. He is fantastic in my book!


Nancy Lemler said on Apr 27, 2018

Redlands Estate Sale Consignments is a wonderful but dangerous place. David is so knowledgeable about antiques, and he has such a fine eye for design that each of his shops has been amazing. My favorite site though is his new location which is already loaded with delightful treasures. Redlands is very lucky to have someone like David who is extremely generous with his knowledge and expertise. Plus he’s a lot of fun!


Kristie Coberly said on May 2, 2017

Great Guy.. thanks for helping people sell and buy such great pieces of art and furniture !


Betty Davis said on May 2, 2017

I love this store and all the wonderful items for sale. thanks for all you do David.


Susan Vollucci said on Apr 29, 2017

Wow unbelievable treasures of old and newer furniture is all on sale. Remember they don't make furniture like they use to!!! Such great deals and great people working here!


Restored TV Show said on Apr 6, 2017

We absolutely love Redlands Estate Sale Consignments. There is always a wonderful selection of furniture of all eras to choose from. The quality is always great and the space is so large we always end up finding something we like every time we go. David was very helpful every time we needed to source something specifically for our TV series RESTORED and we are very thankful for his knowledge, generosity and support.


Emily Ortiz-GOrcie said on Feb 16, 2017

See the owners response after the customers review.


I have never encountered such a rude business owner in my life!

Had to unfortunately leave without an item I wanted, because the owner was really rude and snarky. Seemed annoyed that I would even want to purchase anything from his store.

The item I found had the wrong price marked on it, and when I asked the owner how much he wanted for it instead of what the tag read, he tripled the price!

The worst part is when I commented on his social media page, he proceeded to verbally attack me. Accusing me and my mom of being a gang set out to ruin his reputation, calling me names, and threatening that I better step foot in his store again. As if I would ever anyway.

I'm actually a Public Relations professional who recently moved to Redlands and am excited to check out our community and support local businesses. I have a background in hospitality, and my family owns TWO large consignment stores on the East Coast. I understand his business, and moreover I understand customer service!

Not sure if these 5 stars reviews are paid, or if negative reviews are simply not posted by this page's admin, but after checking with others in the community, almost everyone had similar negative experiences. From consignors AND customers.

Buyer beware.

**Response from owner:**

I am deeply troubled to know that you or any patron had an unhappy experience in my store.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I did not realize that I was coming across this way, and you have done me a great service to let me know how I was being perceived.

Contributing positively to the treasure that is our downtown business environment and to the community as a whole are roles that I take seriously.

Please accept the dresser in question at no charge as a gift from me. I would be happy to open the doors after hours so you may feel comfortable and serve refreshments. Penny or Jeff would be delighted to be your personal shopping assistant.

I look forward to developing a business relationship with you that is rewarding for both of us.

David Hazekamp, owner, Redlands Estate Sale Consignments

David Hazekamp


Kathy Scott said on Jan 12, 2017

If you like antique/vintage shopping you will love this store! We live in the Palm Springs area and we try to get over to Redlands Estate Sales on a regular basis. We have referred all of our friends and David has handled the estates of 2 of our relatives. You will never have anyone more honest or knowledgeable liquidate your treasures. The store is right off the 10 Fwy in Redlands, you have to stop!


Steven Alpert said on Sep 17, 2016

It is the Disneyland of Antiques.... If you can find what you want at Redlands Estate Sale Consignments it isn't to be found. I have found so many amazing treasures there but it is the search that makes it half the fun! Every room takes you into a different era of excitement that leaves you with the feel of touring a great museum through time. I can't come to Redlands without including this stop on my bucket list... A must see and a must do!!!! A++


Susan Schneider said on Feb 23, 2016

Love my purchase of a questionably (no mark) Drexel table and chair set and have had many compliments on it.


Tara Abell said on Feb 23, 2016

Such a great place!


Rhonda said on Jan 4, 2016

I am 24 and just moved in to my very own apartment! I never considered going to The Redlands Estate Sale Consignments for furniture. Then I saw they had a 30-50% off sale, so I checked it out. I had so much fun looking at all the beautiful unique pieces. I found a huge dresser/mirror + tv stand made from maple for $165!!! There was cool funky art too! I was impressed and would recommend to anyone in need of furniture, books, art, etc to first check out Redlands Estate.


Pammy Armstrong said on Jun 11, 2015

This is an amazing place. Service is friendly and knowledgeable.


Debi K. said on Feb 10, 2015

After my mother's passing I needed someone knowledgeable to help me with an estate sale and David and all the employees there were extremely helpful and patient and took care of everything for me--my family and I couldn't be more pleased--it was a great experience and we would highly recommend them!


Diana Sanders Cinamon said on Aug 22, 2014

This store has the most amazing selection of antiques in the Inland Empire. It's almost like going to the museum, but the prices are very reasonable.
It helps that the owner is so knowledgeable about antiques. His input makes it easier to make that final selection. I have been shopping there for 10 years and it's always a delightful experience.
Diana Sanders Cinamon
Antique Appraiser

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