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Brewcakes Gastropub

American Gastropub and restaurant. Many items on the menu (desserts and food) made with craft beers, wine, or alcohols. Though everything is made with alcohol, all menu items are family friendly. Breakfast served Weekdays from 11am-2pm and Weekends all day! Also serving hummus, vege wings, salads including a Quinoa salad as Vegan and Vegetarian options. Menu. Read REVIEWS by clicking Business name. Venue under 100.



At Brewcakes we make everything on our menu (desserts and food) with craft beers, wine, or alcohols. Though everything is made with alcohol, all menu items are family friendly.

  • Gastropub or gastrolounge refers to a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food.

  • Dessert Gastropub.Same as above, but more awesomer, and sweet!

  • Brewcakes has seating for 49 inside and 30 outside!

  • Steal the Glass. Every Wednesday from 4-10pm

  • NEW Saturday Brunch 11am-2pm

  • Owner CJ Sillers named The Face of Redlands YOUNGBLOOD

  • Live Radio Interview ALL about Brewcakes

"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing."

CJ Sillers, owner of Brewcakes, grew up in Mentone. He finished his MBA in Marketing from CSUSB at the ripe ol' age of 21! After graduating he sold railroad equipment (mobile locomotives) for a business he started with his family. He covered the western US and was on the road about 3 weeks a month.

A business opportunity came available in Redlands and CJ took a detour. He and his sister Sarah opened Kiddough's Bakery. "Sarah had always wanted a coffee shop/bakery. At that same time I was getting into craft beer, so I wanted to do some desserts with beer. I like creating stuff. The idea. And the plan is half the fun. Never thought I would end up in this industry. But turns out I love craft food and craft alcohol."

CJ loves the outdoors and bought a place in Oak Glen "The Sillers Ranch." He works on it every chance he gets. Currently, he's remodeling the barn. He put in a big hearth for a wood stove and the room is being set up as a study. Floor to ceiling book cases for all his books. CJ says, " I like to keep busy and find pretty much everything interesting."

"My experience with Brewcakes is what had led me to work on the distillery and event venue at my place in Oak Glen. Since the ranch has a history of Blackie Wilshire running moonshine during prohibition... I want to be up and running before 2020. The centennial anniversary of prohibition. Hopefully, going to start working on it next year. I'd like to be open by the end of 17."

What wags CJ's tail? Cooking, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, being outdoors, creating, building and his dog Belle.

"Lesson learned... beer will not wash away the taste of diesel fuel after a siphoning fail... though over all a productive day!!"


  • Monday 5pm - 10pm
  • Tuesday-Saturday 11am-10pm
  • Sundays 10-3. Full menu


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  • Brewcakes Gastropub
  • 1150 Brookside Ave #J1
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Lee Burton said on Jul 14, 2017

CJ is awesome. Love their pulled pork sandwich with a cold escape beer !


Kristina Reardon said on Jan 12, 2017

This place is fantastic! Everything was on point the service, staff and food. We ordered a lot of food for our table so I was able to try a bunch of dishes the black bean burger, the fried pickles and the BBQ Baja tacos with pineapple beer. Delish. Next time I'm going to eat dessert. I was too full to try it. I went on their Trivia game day, it's a must do.


David H. said on Oct 2, 2016

Great place! Very unique...can't wait to try other itmes on the menu. Very friendly and welcoming!


Kari said on Jul 19, 2016

Went in for lunch today, so good! We'll definitely be back for more!


Lauren Littauer Briggs said on Mar 10, 2016

I just finished a wonderful lunch there. The grown-up grilled cheese is just that and delicious.


Trevor said on Feb 16, 2016

Brewcakes continues to impress!


Jonathan Briggs said on Jul 17, 2015

Really enjoyed out time here for lunch yesterday. Got to sit outside (which is only available at. Few places in town). Great micro brew selection and food tasted great! Definitely trying it again.


Jon Darby said on Jul 17, 2015

First time at Brewcakes today. What an awesome place and an awesome lunch. Sliders were unique, delicious and just all around great! CJ has done an awesome job! Vibe is really cool too. Will be back soon for beers. A true gem in Redlands!


Marcy Cruz said on Sep 26, 2014

Haven't tried their sliders yet, but their desserts are so amazing. My favorite is the drunken berries.


Robert Watson said on Apr 29, 2014

My favorite lunch spot!


Jackie Noa said on Mar 27, 2014

Best little find in Redlands!


Amanda said on Dec 12, 2013

The buffalo slider was delicious!!


Windy Ramseyer said on Aug 21, 2013

My husband and I went there last weekend for the first time. The Flaming Pig was so good that I have been thinking about having another one all week. The peach cobbler was also amazing. I feel another date night coming on.


Lorin Grow said on Mar 29, 2013

Had the arugula pesto flat bread for lunch and it was EXCELLENT! The Redlands salad looked really good too! That's dinner! You'll see us a lot! Please consider delivery in the future...


Jamie said on Feb 17, 2013

Brewcakes are fun, classy and oh so tasty. The customer service is the best. You get greeted with a smile, they talk to each customer as if you are family. They even held a coffee tasting and sample of their amazing goodies at the location. It is fun, hip, and they have so many options. YOU have to try it out.. OH and do not forget to order a cake from them............. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIE for!

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