Jax Toys believes toys are kid-powered learning tools. They have products for newborns all the way through school aged children. Every whimsical item combines multiple layers of learning meant to empower children to advance. These layers consist of engaging all of a child’s senses, and incorporating all three learning styles. Everything found at Jax Toys was selected with high safety and quality standards in mind.

Green Creativity Toys

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"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing"

Jax Toys in downtown Redlands is owned and operated by Mike and Erika Eubanks. They have 4 children and live in town. Erika was born and raised in Redlands and is a former massage therapist at International Day Spa. Mike grew up in Torrance and moved to Redlands in 1990. Mike has always been self employed and created his first business in 1991 called Surfer Joe's.

In 2011 they decided to open their first business together called Little Bit of Sole and switched to JAX TOYS in late 2014 at the same location. They carry a large selection of Multiple “Layers of Learning” toys which engage a child’s multiple senses and all three learning styles and empower the child to grow and advance with the product. Also, Redlands largest selection of Green Creativity Toys.

"Our family is first and foremost in our lives and part of the reason we enjoy running a local shop is the fact that we can have our kids there with us. We enjoy hiking in the local mountains, house boating on Lake Powell, playing and coaching soccer and spending as much quality time with each other as possible. We even go to toy shows together."


  • Monday thru Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 11am-5pm


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  • Jax Toys
  • 109 E. State St. #B
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Andrea said on Dec 26, 2017

Love Jax Toys! I did majority of my shopping there this year and every time I go there I feel like a kid again! It reminds me of the fun and unique experience I had as a kid at the discovery toy shop by the old Mervyns. I love seeing downtown alive again in a way like it never has been before and Jax is a huge contribution to this! You guys rock!


Jessica Washburn said on Aug 4, 2017

Wonderful toy store!!


Nicole Holsinger said on Aug 4, 2017

Next time you need a child's gift, check them out before you go to a Toys r us. Jax Toys has a great selection, good prices and free gift wrap. And you will be supporting local business.


Lauran said on Jul 17, 2017

My grandson, JJ was thrilled with his birthday gift purchased at Jax Toys! He loves Snap Circuits. He has already built the first suggestion from this set and is learning about electricity and the mechanics behind electronic games. Shh, don't tell him it's educational! He just thinks he's having fun. Great selection of toys with exceptional service at Jack Toys.


Beverly Hesterlee said on Jul 14, 2017

Yes, I had a great experience in Jax. Love the friendliness and helpfulness. Great customer service.


Deborah said on Jul 11, 2017

This store is a treasure. I always find something fun for my niece. It's a must stop when she's in town.


Aileen Ariana said on Jul 11, 2017

Super helpful they let you play with the toys and find the right one for you. Love the customer service that you receive.


Veronica Saverino said on Feb 21, 2017

My boys love this store. I can also find all the toys my son plays with at his therapy appointments here.


Amy Holcombe said on Feb 20, 2017

We LOVE Jax Toys!!! Thank you for your commitment.
Gorgeous family!!!❤❤❤


Sylvia Lara said on Feb 20, 2017

It definitely is an awesome store and such great service!


Cynthia said on Aug 19, 2016

We like that store and the owner is so much fun.


Kristal Lane said on Apr 6, 2016

He is such happy and informative guy!!! It was a pleasure shopping in his store!!


Jennifer Manzano said on Apr 6, 2016

Love this store and the owner. He's been so great every time we go in there.


Maisie McCue said on Feb 4, 2016

Best toy store ever!!!


Crystal said on Feb 4, 2016

JAX is a wonderful toy store - I can't leave without playing, laughing and spending!


Grace said on Jan 31, 2016

Love Jax toys!! Our first visit today and we will definitely will be back!! Great stuff and great customer service!!


Deena Robinson said on Sep 5, 2015

Love Jax Toys, lots of fun "different" toys.


Crystal Collier said on Apr 24, 2015

Jax has the perfect gift for every kid! I buy every gift from here for newborns to 10!


Veronica Strozensky said on Apr 24, 2015

My daughter and I love this store!


Amanda Horton said on Dec 5, 2014

This is an amazing little store! The owners are completely awesome and very helpful! I walked in and announced that I needed a gift for a 2 year old and it had to be under 10 bucks. While I ended up spending a few dollars more, they took the challenge like champs and easily offered me a some options. Hands down, I will shop there again. I also appreciate them selling green, eco-friendly toys. That is important to me.


David Chubrick said on Jun 9, 2014

Got shoes there at beginning of school year and although they need replacing they lasted pretty good especially compared to shoes from big box stores or payless.


Kristen Burns said on Jun 8, 2014

Have many shoes for my littles from there! Always great customer service and the little play area makes it feasible to shop for multiple children.


Cate Bennett said on Jan 7, 2014

Love this store!


Dawn said on Jul 24, 2013

I love this store and the staff was so very helpful!!


Christy said on Apr 17, 2013

I bought some flip flops from Little Bit of Sole the other day...I had never been in before...thought they only sold kids shoes...but they carry a few adult flip flops!! great little local shop...such friendly owners too! will definitely be back...

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