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Redlands Galleria


Antiques, Gifts, & Collectibles

Business Info


  • Mon-Tues,Wed.-Fri.-Sat 10 a.m -5:30 p.m.
  • Thurs. 10 a.m. - 5:30pm. (Market Night)
  • Sunday 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.


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  • 17 E. State Street
  • Redlands , CA 92373


Remember, at Redlands Galleria

  • We continue to be a dealer for Howard’s Products, popular among wood refinishers.

  • Each Thursday evening, we stay open until 9 p.m. for Market night patrons, weather permitting.

  • Don’t miss our Lower Level Basement, where many extraordinary and unusual items exist, from the unusual to the unexpected.

  • We have hundreds of books available ~ see our lower prices, head upstairs, to the very back room! See our building library!

  • New Dealers equals new “older” merchandise ~ come visit our store for exciting new items!

  • Records, LPs, and more! ~ are in abundance on our Second Floor, make a right at the top of the stairs, and it is right in the corner! Additionally, many other vendors also now carry LP’s.

  • Still looking for that special gift? Seasonal décor, tables, American Brilliant cut crystal, Fenton, silverware, fine china, crystal, candlewick, Fostoria, vintage linens, vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage lingerie, etc. ..always at fair prices. In addition, we are gathering new items from several Estates. Come check us out!!

Redlands Galleria remains to be the destination of choice and offers an unusual array of antiques, gifts, and collectibles for each life-style.

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Redlands Galleria Information

The Redlands Galleria is one of the largest Antique Malls in downtown Redlands, boasting a HUGE selection, best quality at great prices! For your information, our shop includes some of the following:

  • 120+ Unique Dealers

  • Vintage Linens, Hankies, Doilies, Aprons

  • Fairies

  • LP's

  • China

  • Jewelry including Bakelite

  • An assortment of pipes, pocket watches, and newer knives on both the Mezzanine and Lower Entry Level

  • Period Furniture, including French Country & English Oak, Armoirs, and Vanities

  • Art Deco

  • Selection of kitchen ware; Pyrex, china, Mix Masters, and any item you can imagine for use in the kitchen!

16 Reviews


maggieantiquer said on Aug 30, 2013

This place was so fabulous that I'm drooling still. Bought a carload and hauled it all back to northern Nevada. Prices were great, stock was huge. Only downside is it's a nine hour drive from my house. We have no mall this great in northern Cal or Nevada.


Andrea said on Jul 8, 2013

I love this place!!


Chloe Mason said on May 23, 2012

Bought a camera and a darling locket watch from here. Love it


Tricia said on Oct 25, 2011

I like this antique spot. Different vendors rent booths in this giant 3 level building. I have a few honey holes in this place! I get great prices sometimes and find unique antique pieces I use for store displays.


Jo said on Oct 15, 2011

Love this place! The vendor upstairs by the bathroom has great vintage clothes and jewelry at very reasonable prices. I always find things I can't live without when I shop here!


Bob G. said on Mar 8, 2011

We agree that this is a most unique emporium. And the prettiest part of the entire store is the lovely manager


Sarah said on Jul 15, 2010

A very charming store. Lots of variety, merchandise is well displayed. It is enjoyable to walk around and spend time browsing till you find that perfect item that you just have to have. Staff is very friendly and jovial. They make you feel welcome and are very helpful. Prices are very fair. Good location, easy to find. Love it.


Brenda Lee said on Oct 19, 2009

Great Store- Fantastic bargains; Staff is very knowledgable and helpful. Outstanding!!


Lauren said on Sep 11, 2009

Three stories jam-packed full of old timey treasures!! I love this place. I think I drag whomever I'm with in every time we walk or drive by.
The prices, of course, vary because each section is rented by different sellers. Also, being located right on State Street, makes it great destination. First, stop at the 50's themed Betty's Burgers across the street to get in the mood.


Jeff said on May 10, 2009

I come in as often as possible and find many wonderful things to decorate the home! The friendly staff one of the best and the store is kept so clean!


Alan said on Mar 21, 2009

One of the few remaining antique stores in the City where a guy can get lost in! I especially like the Basement where someone has items for the "manly" appeal! Great place to shop for gifts and a delight for children also!


Alex said on Mar 19, 2009

This is a great place to find that perfect gift! I love to browse and see what's new. The staff is always so helpful too. Very low key and great music to shop by. 3 floors too! Great way to spend an afternoon or a lunch hour! I always check here for that last minute gift for friends.


Jean said on Feb 20, 2009

This is one of the few remaining and charming antique/gift stores in downtown Redlands. They always have fair prices and a variety of wonderful gift ideas. Their many levels of shopping make it a buyer's delight!


Christie said on Feb 11, 2009

There is so much to see at the Galleria. We love browsing to see what new items have been added. We have found some wonderfully unique items and continue to go back whenever we need that special gift. Nancy and her staff are great!


Janet said on Feb 1, 2009

I was shocked at how many items were in this store. I thought it was a small antique store and it has two floors! I found a fireplace screen that I had been shopping for for 6 months. Thank you!!


Jeff said on Feb 1, 2009

The Galleria has a great selection and we enjoy visiting their store.

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