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If you’re going to use Squarespace, use WW Web Design. 

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Squarespace is a great platform for a number of reasons. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Included SSL certificate.

    Every domain registrar you use will offer this feature to you for an added cost on an annual basis. Even companies like Cloudflare will give you a series of steps to complete to secure your website. The benefit of having an SSL certificate is extremely significant. This secures your website with an “https” rather than an “http”. The SSL certificate grants you more authority in Google and gives you priority in search rankings. Which is something we all want for free, right? This is especially beneficial on a website that is selling product or collecting payment. The page that collects the credit card data will always be secured, regardless of the SSL certificate status, but it gives your customers peace of mind right from the beginning, which is something we all want to give our customers, clients, and patients. 

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  2. Integration with GoDaddy, Acuity Scheduling, Bandsintown, etc.

    Squarespace is actively working on reaching more companies to collaborate with. My particular favorite is the integration with GoDaddy. Setting up the DNS settings can be a pain with certain domain registrars, and GoDaddy is simple enough as is, but now, with the Squarespace + GoDaddy integration I can simply click one button and connect the site. This saves a lot of time, especially when you are connecting multiple domains for SEO purposes. Squarespace just teased up with Acuity so you can easily plug in an Acuity calendar and set up for availability and sell classes, consultations, etc. They have a number of these integrations in the works, and anything that Squarespace doesn’t have a direct integration with can usually be embedded with code or Zapier. Which makes using third party platforms to increase your productivity that much more useful. 

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  3. Unlimited customer service with any package.

    We always put our priority with the client’s happiness and satisfaction. We quite our retail jobs when we realized they were not as focused on the person as they were with the number of sales being made. I’d rather have 3 happy clients than 10 unhappy ones. That being said, A first time client gets to chose from a selection of packages ranging in level of customization and programming. The one constant is unlimited customer service. We believe in thorough work, great communication, quick turn around times, and never leaving you in the dark on the status of your project. Many clients feel like dear friends, we genuinely care about each other’s lives and struggles, and that’s a beautiful opportunity many people don’t get. 

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  4. Access to Adobe Stock images and videos.

    We are signed up with a great deal with Adobe Stock, so we will license the images and videos for you. This really helps breathe some life into your website and set it apart from the rest. And you don’t have to worry about paying for images or web-optimizing them! 

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  5. Easy to update images and content.

    Squarespace makes it very simple to update your content and swap out your images. This is something we can teach you or you can easily figure out on your own. Updating your text, prices, products, banner images, etc is all well within your capabilities, but if you are too busy to make these changes while running your own business we are happy to help. 

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  6. SEO packages that vary in complexity.

    Our SEO packages vary from Basic to Premium. All packages now include assistance with setting up your Google My Business account as it is something each business should have.

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  7. Assistance in setting up your Google My Business account.

    A Google My Business account is free and puts you on a Google map. Even if you work from home, we can put you on a map without listing your private address. This is a great way to organically grow your SEO and Google search appearance without a serious amount of work. 

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  8. Don’t understand DNS settings? You don’t have to! 

    We have experience in connecting domains with a variety of domain registrars. You won’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of how to add the CNAMEs and A Records in Network Solutions manually, we can handle that for you. 

    WW Development

  9. Easy handoff of completed site with custom training session.

    We like to end each project with a handoff Zoom Training Session. I share my screen and you can ask all the questions you like while we work together towards the same end goal, giving you the confidence to work on your website without any assistance. Of course, we are always available for questions or quick updates for free. We aren’t here to nickel and dime you, we just want our great relationship to grow and for you to know we are always here when you need us! 

    WW Training

Still have Squarespace questions? Contact Bree and the WW Web Design team directly (here). They value your time and promise to respond within 1 business day.

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