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Redlands Café Tour: Top 9 Coffee Shops You Need to Try

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Redlands is a small city blessed with a big choice of coffee shops. If you are a dedicated coffee lover on the lookout for a tasty brew and a satisfying caffeine hit or just hunting for a place to grab a bite for breakfast or lunch, in Redlands, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for.

  1. Carolyn’s Café

    Coffee cake from Carolyn’s café

    Coffee Cake Picture by Bruce Herwig

    Carolyn’s café is known for the excellent food that comes in generous servings as well as the friendly but quick and efficient service. The décor is warm and welcoming, as are the staff, who make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. Carolyn’s is an ideal place to grab breakfast or lunch; the coffee is delicious, and their famous coffee cake makes the perfect accompaniment to go with a cup. Highly recommended.

    Carolyn’s Café

  2. Stell Coffee & Tea

    For those who are serious about their coffee, Stell Coffee & Tea is a place worth tracking down. They make a very tasty brew –try the cappuccino – and are always willing to offer suggestions if you don’t know what to choose. This independent tea and coffee shop also provides delicious, filling and fresh meals, making it an ideal place to fill up for breakfast or lunch. The Wi-Fi works well and their excellent taste in music adds to the overall atmosphere. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

    Stell Coffee & Tea

  3. Augie's Coffee House

    Beautiful latte from Augie's Coffee House

    Perhaps the best place in town for the devoted coffee connoisseur, Augie’s is the place to head if you want the most expertly brewed gourmet coffees. Augie’s is not just a coffee shop; it’s also an artisanal roaster. The staff there will be able to give you lots of information about the coffees they offer, and you can also buy bags of freshly roasted beans to take away and brew at home. They have recently moved to a new location, but you can still expect the same level of value, quality and service as before. Try the cold brew coffee.

    Augie's Coffee House

  4. Olive Avenue Market

    OAM brunch and coffee

    It’s difficult to decide what’s the best thing about this place. It could be the coffee, which is great – and very reasonably priced. It might be the wide selection of delicious foods they sell there, including sandwiches, omelets, cakes – and a decent selection of beers too. Maybe it’s the friendly vibe and the efficient service that makes you feel welcome as soon as you step inside. Possibly, it’s the old-style retro neighborhood market theme that makes it a quirky and fun place to visit. But really, the answer is that it’s all of these combined. A place that’s definitely worth a visit. The muffins are particularly good.

    Olive Avenue Market

  5. Panera Bread Café

    As the name suggests, this go-to chain café specializes in breads – but they also have some good salads and other options as well as tasty coffee. This place is starting to look a little long in the tooth and could do with freshening up a little. Some people might also find the service style a little too “laid back”, but it is still a reliable place to head when in need of a quick meal and a hot drink.

  6. Corner Bakery

    Another chain with a branch conveniently located near to the downtown area. They serve a broad range of breakfast and lunch foods, including a wide range of fresh pastries, breads, sandwiches, soups salads and pasta. The service is quick and friendly, and the food is good quality and reasonably priced. One big advantage for coffee lovers is that this place offers unlimited refills – and the coffee tastes great too. The BLT is recommended, as is the coffee cake.

  7. Muffin Top Bakery

    This centrally located bakery is ideal for shoppers who need to sit down for a rest with a drink and a bite to eat. The first thing you will notice here is the huge range of pastries and cakes on offer, including cupcakes, brownies, breads and just about anything else you could ask for. They also have a respectable selection of coffees to wash it all down. The place is clean and modern, while the staff are helpful, welcoming and friendly. This café also has a number of items that are vegan-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free and others, making it a good option for those with special dietary requirements.

    Muffin Top Bakery

  8. Wild Goose Coffee Roasters

    Wild Goose is another place for serious coffee drinkers. This place specializes in importing interesting and delicious coffees from various origins from around the world and roasting them on site. You can go into the store to try the most recent coffees they have on offer, ask for advice about what to buy, their equipment or the Industrial machines they use – and generally learn all there is about the art and craft of buying, roasting and drinking coffee. Wild Goose does free cuppings (coffee tasting sessions) on Fridays for those looking to refine their appreciation of their favorite drink.

    Wild Goose Coffee Roasters

  9. Bricks and Birch

    This smart little café specializes in pizza, pastries and coffee. It is a popular place for breakfasts and lunches – and rightly so. Their pizza, fresh from the wood-fired oven, has a strong claim to being the best in town, and the pastries and coffee don’t disappoint either. The restaurant is conveniently located, and inside, it has a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. The servers are all friendly and attentive, and the interior is tastefully decorated. All in all, a recommended place for pizza lovers and coffee devotees alike.

    Bricks and Birch

Locating a caffeine fix in Redlands

As you can see, Redlands is endowed with a wide range of establishments to choose from when your coffee cravings strike, and there is something for every taste.

For the true coffee aficionado, there are a couple of specialist locations where you can find some intriguing offerings; for those just in need of a quick bite to eat and a decent cup to wash it down with, there are plenty of options too.

With all these excellent options, perhaps the hardest thing will be choosing which one to visit first!

About the guest blogger:

Kathy Gallo is a self-proclaimed coffee addict. She loves everything about coffee and coffee-shop culture and is always ready to pop into any new café she sees. When she isn’t drinking coffee, she loves writing about it in the hope that others will be able to share in her passion for coffee too.

*This is not an advertisement. The guest blogger was not compensated.

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