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Take the edge off a long flight!

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  • Written by: Lynda Schauf Laura's Travel Services Inc
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When making a decision on an airline for a long distance trip do not rely on price alone as your decision maker. To keep from making the wrong decision before purchasing your international ticket, consider a few things first.

Weigh price vs. amenities. If you are going to be on a plane a total of 30 hours coming and going, and it costs and extra $150.00 to get on a flight with better movies, service and food, ask yourself if you would pay $5. per hour more for a better experience.

If you have to make multiple stops and plane changes to get to your destination vs. taking a direct flight be certain to calculate how much time you are spending of precious vacation hours as opposed to sitting on the beach or seeing historical and cultural sights. Changing flights provides increased opportunity for luggage to become lost, or the need to change terminals if on international soil where you must reclaim your luggage.

Some online booking systems will offer you a great price on flights offering a forced overnight in a city, resulting in unbudgeted expenses for an additional hotel night, meals and entertainment for the evening. These can make a nice dent in your travel budget, without the pleasure.

Almost all long-haul flights provide a frequency of meals. However, if you are a picky eater be certain to check out the airline website. Regardless, pack some food that you would normally eat during a day at home or at work.

Boredom can take place during your long flight so check out airlines in-flight service on their website and try for an aircraft with seatback screens instead of overhead screens, much easier to view and you have options on what you wish to view.

With tablets becoming ever more popular, especially among people who travel quite a bit and are likely to take long-haul flights, this is important. If you are going to relay on a tablet to get you through two 10-hour flights coming and going, be certain you have compelling downloads to get you through. Download a couple of movies, bucket list movies that will absorb you. Then add a least a couple of books in digital format of different genres, so if you are tired of the novel you can read about indigenous plants to consider for your garden. Or a non-fiction book about a subject you have had interest in for a long time.
Choose your traveling clothes carefully when flying. It is likely you will fall asleep at some point during the flight, so wear clothes that are forgiving and move with you. Be prepared with a sweatshirt, sweater or coat since the air conditioning on each flight seems to be set to the pilots liking not necessarily yours, so layer. Wear shoes that you can slip off and on. Socks should be packed in your hand luggage if you are not planning to wear them to get on the flight. Barefoot walking on a flight where thousands have passed before you can be a little discomforting.

Take along a travel pillow. They come in blow-up style or in packable, crushable form. Both keep your heading from bobbing around when you take your 40 winks!

Most of all, take along your patience. Rarely when you travel does everything go exactly as planned regardless of the amount of work you may put into the planning. Life happens, embrace it.