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Keeping Your 2020 Resolution

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Do you want to lose weight, eat better, stop smoking or exercise more? Now's the time to set those New Year's resolutions. But here's an idea, set resolutions you can actually keep!

University of Scranton psychology professor John C. Norcross has studied resolutions for decades. He has found that while about 40% of Americans set resolutions, only about 40% to 44% will be successful at six months. So, how can you be a New Year's resolution success story?

  1. Be specific.

    Don't replace everything in your kitchen with kale and chia seeds. You are less likely to keep a resolution like eating healthy if you deprive yourself of all the foods you enjoy. Instead, how about resolving to add fruit or veggies to one meal a day? Starting small paves the path for bigger changes.

    • Start with a cleanse: Living Root Cellar
    • Have a salad for lunch: Theron's Marketplace
    • Treat yourself guilt-free: Nekter's acai bowls or Skoop (a handcrafted frozen treat, made fresh in small batches using cashew milk and clean, plant-based ingredients).
  2. Be realistic.

    Hate running? Then it's probably a poor idea to resolve to complete a marathon. Picking a workout that plays to your strengths and interests will be better long term.

    • Switch it up: Don't like the gym? The Wolf's Den is a ninja warrior and obstacle gym. It will keep you focused, having fun and working hard. Kids and adults are welcome.
    • Join a family, not a gym: Sometimes all you need is positivity and support. You will find just that, plus an amazing variety of workouts at The Energy Lab.
    • Bring the kids: Moms, you can get a great workout with your kiddos in tow! FIT4MOM is here to support you throughout every stage of motherhood. Put baby in a stroller, grab a water bottle and try your first class for free! The instructors keep baby entertained while you build strength and set an incredible example for your kids.

  3. Don't beat yourself up.

    Everyone messes up. Allow yourself to fall off the horse and GET BACK ON. The Occasional slip up will not ruin your entire resolution.

    • Need help: Creative Insights Counseling is here to support you however you need. They can help you talk through your resolutions and set up ways to succeed.
  4. Time is everything.

    You do not have to make grand year long resolutions. It is perfectly acceptable to give up beer or cupcakes for a month. This is a great opportunity to get out of your routine and explore your city.

    • Beer alternative: Your friends might love breweries! Pick breweries with other options, like Escape Craft Brewery. They have hard seltzer, and it is gooooood!
    • Let's wine about it: Suveg Cellars makes local wine. Have you been to their tasting room? It is beautiful and the wine is incredible.
    • Get creative: There are lots of sweet treats out there. Jump around and see what you can find. I bet you didn't know Olive Ave. Market has chocolate chip cookies made with pudding!!! They are soft pillows of deliciousness.
  5. No self sabotage.

    Plan for success! If you are trying to be on your phone less, do not have it easily accessible. You know yourself, so be real about temptation. You know you like to poke around on social media before bed. Perhaps leave your phone in another room, not next to your bed. Get yourself an old school alarm clock and leave that phone in the living room.

From your friends at About Redlands and the Redlands Visitor Center, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We wish you the best of luck on your resolution journeys. Remember, you can do this!!