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CJ Sillers, owner of Brewcakes, grew up in Mentone. He finished his MBA in Marketing from CSUSB at the ripe ol' age of 21! After graduating he sold railroad equipment (mobile locomotives) for a business he started with his family. He covered the western US and was on the road about 3 weeks a month.

A business opportunity came available in Redlands and CJ took a detour. He and his sister Sarah opened Kiddough's Bakery. "Sarah had always wanted a coffee shop/bakery. At that same time I was getting into craft beer, so I wanted to do some desserts with beer. I like creating stuff. The idea. And the plan is half the fun. Never thought I would end up in this industry. But turns out I love craft food and craft alcohol."

CJ loves the outdoors and bought a place in Oak Glen "The Sillers Ranch." He works on it every chance he gets. Currently, he's remodeling the barn. He put in a big hearth for a wood stove and the room is being set up as a study. Floor to ceiling book cases for all his books. CJ says, " I like to keep busy and find pretty much everything interesting."

"My experience with Brewcakes is what had led me to work on the distillery and event venue at my place in Oak Glen. Since the ranch has a history of Blackie Wilshire running moonshine during prohibition... I want to be up and running before 2020. The centennial anniversary of prohibition. Hopefully, going to start working on it next year. I'd like to be open by the end of 17."

What wags CJ's tail? Cooking, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, being outdoors, creating, building and his dog Belle.

"Lesson learned... beer will not wash away the taste of diesel fuel after a siphoning fail... though over all a productive day!!" CJ pictured with Mom- Liz Sillers & dog Belle.

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