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Three Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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  • Written by: Kyle Cummings Radiant Landscape Lighting
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There is no better place for outdoor landscape lighting than Southern California. Arriving home to a beautifully lit residence from Radiant Landscape Lighting is very rewarding.

Here are the benefits: Elegance, Property Value, Safety & Security.


Radiant Landscape Lighting provides systems to light your home that provide an elegant beauty from the front to back. For any landscape style or design of your home or business, it looks beautiful when lit at night. We will transform your property from dark unlit areas and make your outdoor landscape glow. The thought and planning we put into the design, the fixture placement, and the type of bulbs we use, ensures that your outdoor ambiance feels relaxing and welcoming. The key to the elegance of your landscape lighting is the feeling of comfort, beauty, and safety.

Property Value

Curb appeal not only adds elegance to your home, it adds value. If you were purchasing a home in the neighborhood, would you be more attracted to the one that is dark, or to the home that is beautifully lit with attractive lighting design? Of course, your eyes follow the beauty of the light.

Many real estate professionals suggest that owners spend 10% or more of their home value on landscaping to increase property value. With this in mind, at Radiant Landscape Lighting we believe that an investment of 3-4% of your property value into landscape lighting will not only increase your property value, but will also give you years of enjoyment on your property.

Likewise, in Southern California, beautification that is energy efficient and drought tolerant is highly sought after. Radiant Landscape Lighting will not soak up any water, and LED bulbs use 85% less energy than traditional halogen bulbs. With this 85% savings, property owners will either choose to save money, or will choose to leave their landscape lights on all night, to increase their safety and security.

Safety & Security

Our designs provide lighting to paths, highlight landscape features, and bring comfort to you and your family. Whether you desire for you and your guests to be able to walk safely to and from the entrance of your home, or you want to feel safe from potential intruders on your property, lighting the environment makes a world of difference.

Property owners frequently will solve this problem with large, bright, flood lights or motion detector flood lights. This is simply because the owner hasn’t considered solving the same problem with a solution that provides beauty and value.

It’s more than just having light, it’s the feeling of safety, security, and comfort. When designed professionally, you will feel the difference, and you will be proud of your investment.

We Work Together

Everyone wants outdoor landscape lighting. At Radiant Landscape Lighting we can solve your needs and accomplish your goals with professional options. We will work with you to create a design that matches your budget.

Please reach out to us by live chatting at the bottom of your screen, or by clicking here: Contact Us.