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A Wedding Venue that is Perfect for you

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Did the holidays bring you an engagement ring? Well now the planning process starts. The venue for the wedding ceremony and reception will drive a lot of the other planning but there are many places to pick from. How do you narrow them down? Here is a small check list to help you with that decision.

1) Number of guests - A good rule of thumb is that eighty percent of your list will attend the wedding and reception.
2) Will your ceremony and reception be at the same place? It makes things easier for everyone if you can use the same location. However, If you do have two sites, a hint would be to plan for an extra five percent more at the reception than the ceremony.
3) There are many different kinds of venues - Gardens, Churches with reception halls, Hotels, Parks, Historical Buildings, just to name a few. So how do you narrow these venues down? I would suggest not eliminating a venue until you have seen it. I know that often people don’t get the real charm of Tennessee Gardens until they have visited.

Do a walkthrough of each venue you’re considering and do the following:

1) Take photos to document the things you really like
2) Take notes both pro and con
3) Jot down how you feel about the person and/or staff that you meet – this human element is very important
4) Ask if the date and time of your wedding is available and if there are any other events scheduled at that time. (at Tennessee Gardens we only host one event at a time)

Another consideration would be price. Make sure you know what is included at each venue. Many times a price can seem reasonable but they get you on upgrade cost. i.e. standard linen colors over special order colors.

Hope this gives you some direction when looking at venues. Make sure you come visit us at Tennessee Gardens if you are considering a Garden wedding and or reception. Also, stop by our bridal show May 4th.